Seriously, Don’t Drive! Really, We Mean It!

Some people believe the press catastrophizes storms in an attempt to scare people into reading the news. Mostly we just pass on what the National Weather Service says, which is often, in fact, scary.

In this case, visibility has dropped to zero in some places, there’s people in the ditch all over the place, and MN/DoT and the National Weather Service are both telling people to get the heck off the roads (and I paraphrase).

Please do not drive out there, people. For reference, we are under a blizzard warning. Most of the previous storms (including, in our part of the state, the Christmas Blizzard) have not qualified, technically, as blizzards.

(That’s not to say they weren’t, in common parlance, blizzards–winter storms that drop a lot of snow and have some wind and ice associated.)

This one is an actual technical blizzard, and it is very dangerous out there right now.

If you travel, you put yourself at risk, but you also put at risk all the emergency personnel who will have to rescue you. They can’t see any better than you can out there. Unless there is some emergency, by which I mean someone is bleeding or dying, please do not drive!