Time Wasters: The Cost Of Blood, The Phantom Barber And Homicidal Jellyfish

A few links on sports, nuclear waste, the Babysitters Club and other random ephemera, all designed to help you while away your time.

  • A geoscientist discusses how, exactly, the U.S. government intends to isolate nuclear waste for a million years. Yes, he is building a structure that is supposed to last a million years. Ozymandias will look like a pathetic dweeb compared to this guy.
  • A funny comic from The Oatmeal about how web designs go terribly, terribly wrong. It’s a big profane, so if that bothers you, please don’t clickyclick. But it’s vaguely amusing.
  •  Next time you take a swim in the ocean, you won’t be worried about Jaws snapping your legs off. You’ll worry about a peanut-sized jellyfish that’s just as deadly, and because it’s so small, you wouldn’t even have time to scream if you saw it before it stung you. It’s teeny, tiny.
  • You’ve heard of Sweeney Todd. Maybe you’ve even heard of the Barber of Seville. But you probably haven’t heard of… the Phantom Barber of Pascagoula! … yeah, me either. It happened in 1942, when a town was victimized by some guy who would sneak into girls’ homes and commit the dastardly, wicked deed… cutting off a piece of their hair. Weird, weird, weird.
  • Testosterone makes people more selfish… but only if they believe it does, oddly. Good news for men, and bad news for people who malign men. I suppose it just goes to show that you can convince yourself of just about anything, and that the placebo effect is extremely powerful.
  • A columnist for Slate magazine stopped being a sports fan. I noticed this article because it reminded me of when I stopped playing World of Warcraft. I learned something very important from doing that: if your hobby isn’t fun anymore, stop doing it. This is less obvious than you might think.
  • Here’s a fascinating post about the mysteries of rabies from BoingBoing, which makes you think twice about how science treats illnesses differently after vaccines have been found: The rabies vaccine works so well that we don’t really know how rabies works.
  • Kim Peek, who inspired the movie "Rain Man," died in December. His brain was a mystery and the way it worked fascinated and inspired many. Do you know someone with an autism-spectrum disorder? I know several, and I’m constantly amazed at the hard work they put in every day just to have "normal" reactions to stimuli that other people respond to naturally.
  • A gallery of lethal-looking standpipes in New York, which you are definitely not permitted to sit upon, and with the modifications given to them (sharp, and pointy modifications) you probably wouldn’t want to sit upon anyway.
  • And finally, confirmation of a fact we all already knew: Printer ink is worth more than your own blood. Think twice before you hit the print button!

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  1. Logan C. Adams

    I remember when I realized that I hated World of Warcraft (after playing it three months) it took me about a week to actually stop.

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