Face Down On The Floor At Avalon

Last night I ended up lying down on the floor in the middle of a Worthington business, with about 10 women around me watching me demonstrate, on dry land, a breaststroke.

It was a weird day.

I went to get my haircut at Avalon, and asked them for their advice because I was sick to death of my hair. They found a cut in a magazine that they figured would work well, and then they set out to do my hair. But they also had questions.

I’ve lost about 23 pounds from swimming at the YMCA lately and everybody wanted to know how I did it. They had all kinds of questions…

Do I participate in the water aerobics class? No, but I’ve thought about it. Last time I checked I had some scheduling conflicts and couldn’t join. … what changes to my diet had I made? None, apart from skipping lunch rather often because I swim over my lunch hour. … how did it affect me? I have actual muscles in my arms (which I hadn’t seen for 10 years) and I can carry things without getting tired right away. I’ve also gone from a size 24 to 18. … what stroke do you use? Breaststroke and occasionally I just kick with my arms out ahead of me like Superman.

…How do you do the breaststroke?

Well, I couldn’t really describe that, and my feeble attempts to show them while in the chair, cape wrapped around me, were pathetic. So I agreed to show them after the haircut.

I think they were surprised when I actually did.

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  1. Anna

    This reminds me of what the dumb blond said at the finish of the breast stroke competition, “No fair, no fair! They used their arms!”

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