11 Time Wasters And Movies To Watch

Here are a few oddball and esoteric blogs and a few short movies you may enjoy:

  1. A Laker in China, telling the entertaining tale of a Midwesterner teaching English in China.
  2. Vintage Ads, which is pretty much what it sounds like. If you like my other blog, Reprint, you will probably enjoy Vintage Ads.
  3. AbeBooks’ Weird Book Room, featuring the "Who’s Who of British Beheadings" and the "Teach Your Chicken to Fly Training Manual."
  4. Letterheady, which shows the letterhead of famous companies from MGM to IBM, many of them old. Pretty fun to see how design has changed.
  5. Nic Cage As Everyone, because what would have happened if Nicolas Cage had played Gandalf, Dark Helmet, Tattoo, Leonidas and James Bond? This site shows us, using photoshop. One of the weirdest concepts for a blog I’ve ever heard of, but it’s funny.
  6. The Internet Database of Periodic Tables, which isn’t really a blog, but since it has a similar style, I’ll include it here anyway. Because you haven’t seen the Periodic Table until you’ve seen it as a beach ball or a galaxy.
  7. The Science Tattoo Emporium, which also isn’t really a blog per se, but proves that DNA, lightning and Shroedinger’s cat make completely awesome tattoos.
  8. Superuseless Super Powers, dedicated to thinking of superpowers you wouldn’t really want, like laser pointer vision and in-flight flight.
  9. Microsoft Office’s new version is coming out, and they have a completely hilarious movie trailer spoof as an advertisement for it. It’s very, very funny.
  10. Meanwhile, this trailer for an upcoming movie, "Kick Ass," about some people who decide to become superheroes in real life, without superpowers, looks promising.
  11. And finally, they made an A-Team movie. Since I never saw the show I don’t have strong feelings on this.

(Quite a few of these came from BoingBoing, which covers a very wide spectrum of topics itself.)

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  1. shiny

    Yes, but it would only show where your eyes were pointing, not your gun.

    However, you would be able to drive cats absolutely wild using nothing but your eyes.

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