Driving Conditions Treacherous, Even In Town

The visibility in the country and fringes of town is absolutely horrible, and despite our small army of plows and sand/salt tossing folks, the roads are slippier than a greased monkey.

(Go ahead, you try holding onto a greased monkey some time.)

I ended up actually running a stoplight today when the light turned yellow, I braked, and my car decided to just keep going. Fortunately I was going very slow, and the cars on the other sides of the intersection had plenty of time to see that the car was not in the stopping vein today. My vehicle slowly slid through the intersection, I gripped the steering wheel like it was my hope of heaven and it was pretty much fine, thanks to the other drivers.

By driving very slow, I also managed to avoid smashing into a van that had taken a turn a little too fast ahead of me and ended up pointing the wrong way on a one-way lane. I waved at the driver and smiled reassuringly. He smiled back, and turned off the street.

Frankly, today is a good day to not drive, because all that fluffy light snow that fell yesterday is blowing all over kingdom come, and the roads are slick to boot.

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  1. sea town

    Hope y’all are digging out. FWIW: Just saw Brian Korthals’ photo of a snowplow in whiteout on the Washington Post’s gallery of snowy weather photos. Dateline Worthington, via AP. Way to go, Brian!

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