Update: Do Foxes Climb Trees?

Photo by: Markus KrötzschDo foxes climb trees?

Because if foxes don’t climb trees, I have a squirrel the size of a collie living in my back yard.

Update: The fantabulous commenter honeybee suggests that my squirrelfox is in fact a fox squirrel. Upon looking at the picture (at left, from the Wikipedia entry), I think she’s correct.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a squirrel that big in my whole life before, so I just assumed (from across the yard, through the snow and behind a tree) it was a fox. Probably desperate for food, given it was wandering around in the daylight.

Then it started climbing a tree and skritching its nose like a squirrel, and I thought "… wait, what?"

The thing is the size of a young German shepherd and could probably eat a chihuahua.

2 thoughts on “Update: Do Foxes Climb Trees?

  1. Holy carp!

    I think that IS what it was! It couldn’t possibly have been a normal squirrel given its absurd size, but it climbed the tree like a normal squirrel and it had reddish coloring like a fox.

    And like a fox squirrel!

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