Snowmageddon Continues

Do not go anywhere today, even if you’re in Worthington!

I got stuck twice on the way to work. Once on the way from my cross street to Diagonal, and once in the Globe’s parking lot, which hadn’t been plowed out yet.

Unfortunately, me being a dim bulb, I didn’t realize that until I’d already turned into it. Oops. Fortunately a kindly snowplow man bailed me out, plowing all around me, which made my shoveling job to get me the rest of the way out a 5-minute endeavor. Without snowplow guy it would have been at least half an hour.

The plow folks are out in force and they’re doing the best they can, but when you have 15 inches of snow in two days it gets really hard to keep up.

Don’t drive anywhere today, that’s my advice! If I hadn’t had to work I wouldn’t have myself.

Merry Christmas!

3 Responses

  1. Far Side of Fifty

    Merry Christmas Kari! I know I am a few days late with my greeting! Good to read you again..I am a word nerd so I like Free Rice..Best Wishes for a wonderful New Year! You win the snow awards..we only got about 10 inches:)

  2. Consoler

    Snow indeed but at least it is going to get cold. Forecast for tonight is minus-9. We can find our consolation in this.

  3. shiny

    Actually, I believe it was worse in South Dakota, although that may have been due more to the much-nastier winds they got rather than the snow total.

    I’ve been listening to the scanner all day.

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