Blizzmas 2009

The snow has already begun to fall in Worthington as of 2:17 p.m., but there are still about 30 minutes to get wherever you plan to be for the foreseeable future and stay there.

Please take this weather warning seriously! I know the National Weather Service sometimes seems willing to scare us all half to death over a few flurries, but this time they kept using a specific term over and over again in their press releases: life-threatening. This storm is life-threatening. It is a once-in-25-years storm. It is severe and above all, it is life-threatening.

It is better to be alone for Christmas than being dead for Christmas, and if you drive in this weather you are risking your life, as well as the lives of whatever emergency personnel are going to have to drive out in the snow to rescue you from the ditch, because they can’t see either. I have been in a snowplow and the driver’s visibility in one of those things is actually less than that of someone driving a regular car.

Please, please stay home!

I set up a separate section on our website specifically to make it easier for people to monitor the weather conditions and the storm. It’s right here. Keep an eye on it; I’ll be keeping an eye on all the sources I can today, tomorrow and the next day, since after all… I can’t go home now either.