10 Time Wasters: Bad Movies, Weird Photos, Weird Beach Boys Tunes And Even A LOLCat

1. From Reuters comes this top 10 list that may be better termed a bottom 10 list: It’s a list of the 10 biggest movie flops of the past decade. And the biggest flop isn’t Battlefield Earth, surprisingly. I’m happy to report I haven’t seen any of these movies, and I don’t intend to, either.

2. A satirical article about African leaders meeting to discuss the reform of U2, which was pretty giggleworthy.

3. A man made a magnetic Starbucks coffeecup and stuck it to the top of his car, then tweeted about people’s reactions. It’s like a mini-sociology experiment.

4. Sometimes the sidewalks don’t go where you’d like them to. And sometimes people make their own darn streets where they think the streets should be. Here are the results: Urban pathways.

5. The Huffington Post did a neat slideshow of the world’s most expensive foods, starting with white truffles, which look kind of disgusting, honestly. They also detailed why the foods are so pricy.

6. This story from Hi-Fructose Magazine is kind of like Where’s Waldo: The Ghost Man paints himself and then sits in front of objects, camouflaging himself perfectly. Can you spot him?

7. Here’s a blog called "Smile Like You’re Dead Inside," which is devoted entirely to pictures of people smiling like they’re dead inside. Some people interpret that to mean zombies, and others interpret it to mean that horrible glazed smile some retail folks get near the end of the holiday shopping season when they are exhausted and on the point of tears and/or violently smashing merchandise against the wall.

8. This is an early example of a LOLCat. Very, very early.

9. And here we have for your perusal a gallery of hyper-magnified snowflakes, each more beautiful in its crystalline structure than the last, no matter how you count them.

10. And here are some very peculiar Beach Boys songs, including a cover of "The Times They Are a’Changin’." And "A Day in the Life of a Tree," which is about… a day in the life of a tree. Really.