Your Geekdom Come

Here’s a clever Christmas breakfast idea for those of us who like math or just strange objects: the mathematically correct bagel, a bagel cut into two precisely interlocking pieces. If you have kids or math/engineering/science geeks in your house, this will be a huge hit, though it looks like you’ll need to practice it once or twice to get it right.

If you’re more old school and a gamer, try out this Nintendo controller soap, fashioned with a A, B, Select and Start button, just like the chunky, rectangular objects of our painfully unergonomic youth. Ah, the ache of nostalgia! But in this case, cleanliness is the best policy.

The Star Wars Christmas Special has become pretty infamous over the years, and they’re even going to screen it in Minneapolis Wednesday, but you might be better off buying these R2D2 lights, or even these Yoda lights.

Finally, for the girl geeks out there, today I offer you the Undressed Year in Review: bad celebrity fashions, including high waisted jeans and Renee Zellweger wearing a ridiculous transparent blouse. Also Cate Blanchett appears to have skinned somebody’s grandmother’s couch. (It’s about 7-8 pictures in.)