Post-Blizzard Worthington Traffic Report

When I went to the YMCA at noon, driving downtown was treacherous, and several times I found my little car slipping and refusing to stop whenever I went around a corner, even if I slowed to a near stop every time. Attempting to actually stop, well, that was even worse.

When I returned to the Globe office downtown at around 1, however, the downtown drive was much easier. There was less snow in intersections, leading to easier stops, or maybe that side of the road was simply better and no plowing was actually done over that hour. I don’t know.

I’m inclined to give credit to the wonderful people who drive our snowplows and sand/salt our roads, however.

Stick to the main drags, though, if you have to go anywhere in Worthington. Stay off the side roads and drive slow!

Also, don’t tailgate! A giant red pickup truck tailgated me halfway back to the Globe, and I kept thinking: "You’re not having any trouble because you’re a truck, but my little car won’t stop on a dime, you jerk!" I was so relieved when he turned in a different direction.

Blizzard warning over, wind chill advisory still on…