The Origin Of The Surprised Kitty

Earlier I linked to the Surprised Kitten, an internet sensation that, like the Dramatic Chipmunk and the Dancing Hamsters, have become a bizarre "everyone’s seen it" kind of thing.

Much to my surprise, the Surprised Kitten has an origin story!

Check it out. Note that the page has been auto-translated from French and as usual when you do that, there are some words that the machine went PTHTHVBPPBTTT on.

The kitten’s name is Attila the Bear, and as usual with anyone who becomes truly famous, Attila is a naughty kitty.

If you want a kitty of your own (naughty or nice) look here.

Many pets are in need of owners at this holiday season.

My example kitten today is Marie (shown at right), a cute little calico kitty available in Milford, Iowa. Marie is described on petfinder as having a gentle temperament. She’s up-to-date with the usual shots and has been house-trained. If you’d like to adopt Marie make sure to call the Humane Society of Northwest Iowa. Their phone number and more information about Marie can be found here.