Cook Like They Did During The Great Depression

We’ve been in the Great Recession now for a while, so everyone’s finances may have suffered enough for us to reconsider how we cook and what we cook.

If you’re cooking for a family on a shoestring budget, or if you’re just looking for some interesting entertainment, you may wish to watch these videos from Clara, who shows her audience how to cook some very simple, inexpensive dishes her family made during the Great Depression.

While she cooks, Clara talks about what it was like during the Great Depression: for example, how the bootleggers went from house to house to rent garages in which they could make whiskey.

When she makes pasta with peas, she explains how they would turn off the stove as soon as water came to a boil and allowed the pot to cook with its own heat, all to save gas. "Anything to save anything," Clara said.

If you’d like to "save anything," but still want to eat tasty, fresh, simple food, check Clara out. She has a DVD, too, and a cookbook, shown above.