Newsroom quote of the day:

"Why does Lake Wilson keep blowing up?"

It was said in relation to this story about a vaporizer explosion in the small town of Lake Wilson.

It wasn’t meant to be funny; tiny Lake Wilson has suffered a surprising number of explosions and other disasters before.

A propane explosion in January 2004 damaged a two and a half block radius. Prior to that, the town was hit hard by a tornado in the 1990s and Lake Wilson’s downtown was destroyed in a fire in the 1900s.

Fortunately, this time no injuries were reported.

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  1. shiny

    That may indeed be the case.

    One of the reporters here recalled the tornado hitting Lake Wilson, and one of the Daily Globe’s articles from the 2004 incident (written by a different reporter) also recalled the tornado striking Lake Wilson. Possibly it hit both, or there were different tornadoes.

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