A Random Bag Of Delights

I believe I’ve mentioned this before, but Bambi was a marine corps drill sergeant. (Got it from James Lileks, though I can’t remember when; thanks, O Great One!)

Today I learned (via Mental Floss) that Bob Ross, famous fro’ed painter of "happy little trees" fame, was an Air Force sergeant.

Also, randomly, the Leonid meteor shower will be especially beautiful at oh-dark-thirty tomorrow morning.

And a list of the "World’s Ugliest Buildings" does not include my least favorite building ever, located on the University of Minnesota campus in the Twin Cities.

(No, it is not the tin-can-esque art gallery, nor is it the mangled Tetris-game hospital, both of which I actually like. It is the Alumni Center, which is absolutely stunning on the inside and resembles a cancerous barnacle on the outside.)

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