Let There Be Light

It was a sunny, beautiful day outside in Worthington today, but none of that glorious sunlight spilled into our newsroom. Our windows are very high, and the blinds have been down for as long as anyone on the news staff can remember.

It was almost like they builders of the Globe were afraid reporters might wither away if exposed to direct sunlight. This is not true. (We may melt if put in direct contact with water, especially if it’s from a bucket thrown by a girl from Kansas. Fortunately this doesn’t come up very often.)

Actually, it was just that nobody wanted to climb up onto a cabinet to reach the blinds. I for one am afraid of heights, and wobbling all over the place on top of a cabinet is definitely not on my agenda, ever. Today, though, plucky reporter Laura Grevas took the initiative and opened up the blinds, climbing on top of a desk and then on a cabinet in order to reach.

Sunlight filled up the whole office, even though only one window’s blinds had been removed.

Unfortunately, actual sunlight seems to be addictive. We all wanted more sunlight, even though the last thing Laura wanted was to stay up on her precarious perch on the cabinet.

Fortunately, our blinds are pretty much like every other set of blinds. They have loops on the bottom of the string used to open and close them. So I took a long-handled duster (which barely, barely reached), caught the loop, and gently tugged the blinds.

Now we have four sets of blinds open, and we were even able to turn off four of our fluorescent lights, which makes us more energy efficient and cost effective.

And we get to see the actual sky from our desks, too.

Today, it’s blue.