Love, Sex And Marriage In 1962

Yet again, I had to explain to my coworkers why I was giggling hysterically in the middle of the workday, lest they think I’m insane and decide to call some nice young men in plain white coats to take me away.

Actually, they may already know I’m crazy.

In this case, it really wasn’t my fault. Someone found a 1962 textbook, likely intended for a high school health or sex ed class, called "When You Marry," and scanned and posted it online. Thoughtfully, the scanner also added her own comments on the wacky text.

Warning: The original text is very, very far from being politically correct, given that it addresses such hot topics as interracial marriage (in terms which were then acceptable and are now incredibly offensive) and correct behavior for wives. And the text of the comments is decidedly irreverent. If you’re easily offended, you will be offended by it.

But here it is: "When You Marry." The author is planning to do weekly updates, which I for one certainly look forward to.

And here’s a bonus link, in case you thought your own office’s hijinks were funny.