Popcorn, The Website?

We got a bag of free popcorn in the mail this week, from popcorn.org.

It was rather curiously labelled, with the name of the website prominently displayed, right over a note that popcorn was "whole grain." Well, yes, popcorn is whole grain. It’s always been whole grain. You put the (whole) grain in the microwave or popper, and pop it. It explodes. You eat it.

It seems very odd to me to advertise popcorn as whole grain, like advertising a car "with wheels." Well yes it has wheels, it’s a car fer cryin’ out loud.

Popcorn.org is telling the truth about one thing, though: popcorn is a comparatively healthy snack, provided you don’t put butter or salt on it (or at least keep the bad stuff to a minimum). And unlike most healthy snacks (in my opinion at least), it actually tastes good.

On a rainy, snowy, cold and icky day like today, a hot snack seems like a good idea. I’ve already had my popcorn fix for today, but when I get home I might fix a cup of cocoa, chai or decaf coffee to sip with a piece of toast.

Toast is good on days like this.


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