Did I Just Kill 17 Million People? Oopsie!

I committed mass murder by accident this morning.

Someone linked me this educational game that’s supposed to teach you how difficult it is to manage a pandemic flu situation. Essentially, you get to make policy decisions and then watch an illness spread, or not spread, across the globe. You can try it with different types of illnesses that spread in different ways and at different speeds.

But I haven’t really managed to get a few minutes together and sit down and try the game.

This morning, I clicked on the link and selected a virus, thinking I’d try the game out before I linked it here, and then I got distracted by more productive work (checking the comments on the website, catching up on the news from the past 10 hours or so).

When I looked back at The Great Flu, 17,000,000 people had died.

…maybe I should read the instructions first.