Pain, Desertion And The Letters Of Famous Persons

Think your office chair is uncomfortable?

Would you like to sit on a cactus, sharpened pencils (pointed rumpwards), melted cheese, a steel beanbag, or a bench specifically designed to be uncomfortable?


Then you might not like any of these Chairs of Great Pain (like the one at left, taken from the TechEBlog), but they are fun to look at in a Schadenfreude-filled way.

If you’d rather see images of a deserted town, check out Bodie, Calif., one of the most interesting ghost towns in America. Though the photos aren’t quite as intriguing as those of Chernobyl and Prypiat, they are very cool.

And if you’re feeling more literary, check out this gallery of letters by famous people, called Letters of Note. Make sure you’re ready for the invective of Hunter S. Thompson, the giggle-worthy sense of humor of JFK and the descriptive profanity of the South Park authors, if those are the letters you choose to read. But there’s plenty of historical interest here as well.