Off-Season Seasonal Foods

For most people, ice cream, dreamsicles, slushies and ice pops are summer treats, to be enjoyed in the hot sun at the beach or on someone’s deck while the hours dribble away just like the melty sweet treats do.

Personally, I like to curl up next to a radiator or heating duct in the dead of winter, preferably with a heating blanket on full blast wrapped around my legs, and eat a popsicle.

As far as I can tell by what goes on the shelves at grocery stores, other people do not feel the same way and I am generally forced to buy two or three bags of 250 freezie pops in August to get me through the winter, lest the freezie pop well run dry in January.

I may not need my stockpile of frozen treats this year, though, thanks to a gift from a generous co-worker: a set of popsicle molds, cleverly purchased on clearance in October, when the people at the store were no doubt thinking "What kind of weirdo buys popsicle molds for Halloween?" Well, I do, or I would have, if I could have found them first, but fortunately, my coworker knew I was looking for them and bought them for the resident weirdo: Me.

I had looked in two places for popsicle molds earlier and had not found any, and was reduced to attempting to find local Tupperware salespeople, whereupon I forgot about it.

Now I have the molds and am planning to try out some juices, teas and plain old (sugarless) Kool-aid mixes to find out what blends work well as a popsicle. If you have any tried-and-true popsicle recipes, please email them to me at so I can try them out.