The Other F Word

As you may have noticed, I was not at work yesterday.

Lest you imagine I was enjoying a day at home, watching television, playing video games and reading, I must correct this misapprehension with the truth: I was being miserable at home, watching television, playing video games and sleeping.

It was not fun. It was very, very boring.

I started playing two new facebook games (a zoo one and an aquarium one), neither of which were nearly amusing enough, and I was too tired and grumpy to do anything constructive for the majority of the day. I slept for 13 hours and laid around like a sicky, worn-out bum, wishing I had the book that was waiting for me at the library or at least a movie I hadn’t seen yet. No such luck.

Toward the end of the evening things started to perk up, and I woke up enough to do a couple of loads of laundry and a load of dishes, and then checked over the website.

But for the most part, the day was a complete blarrrrrrrgh, which is what happens when you get one of those 24-hour bugs we used to call "the flu." Now we call the flu the flu, and we call these 24-hour-stomach bugs… well, we call them unpleasant, is what we call them. Other than that, I don’t know.

But the three-letter F word will certainly always make me think of the stomach bug first and the actual influenza second.

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  1. Kari

    Very much not influenza.

    It was what we used to call a 24-hour stomach flu, which is not at all like the actual flu. I didn’t have any of the influenza symptoms either–no fever, congestion, etc. Definitely not the flu.

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