Happy Hallowthanksmas!

School hadn’t even started when we began to see signs of Halloween approaching: pumpkins, mostly, and other things that could be interpreted as generic fall decorations rather than specifically Halloween-themed objects.

But now it’s October, and we are already experiencing the signs of Hallowthanksmas. Stores are selling turkey-shaped Bundt pans (oh yes, there are turkey-shaped Bundt pans, possibly for cake-loving vegetarians who miss turkey) and improbable costumes in adjacent aisles.

I haven’t noticed Christmas decorations popping up yet, but that may be because I’m denial and I’m deliberately not seeing them. Generally by now, stores will have a few Christmas displays, tucked modestly in the back, for those responsible people who purchase everything months in advance and who make the rest of us want to claw their eyes out.

This is the season of the Great Blurry Holiday, the one in which for three months we give thanks to the Great Pumpkin for sending his son to us, or maybe we celebrate the birth of the thankful Jack’o’Lantern, or maybe we just put on costumes and eat turkey in mangers. It all kind of runs together.

So before we get any further into the madcap season of whirling holidays, let me be the first to wish you Happy Hallowthanksmas!

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