The Trauma Of Trix

I still remember when Trix, the fruit-flavored General Mills cereal, came in the shape of little round puffs.

But wait, you say! The cereal already comes as little round balls! They are most definitely puff-shaped!

They are currently puff-shaped, but I haven’t noticed a box of Trix since before I moved out of my parents’ house to go to college in 1999.

See, Trix changed from puffs to fruit shapes in 1992, and stayed that way until January 2008, when they reverted to puff-shaped form.

Somehow I missed that memo, and didn’t find out until yesterday that the sugary cereal had reverted to its old shape.

I was glad, because I was used to the round Trix, and the idea of Trix suddenly being shaped like Runts candy was just a little too strange. I had stopped eating them, partly because the idea of eating candy for breakfast hasn’t ever appealed to me, unless the type of candy begins with "c" and ends with "hocolate."

But I seem to be the little old lady in the newsroom today, because I remember with warm nostalgia the original puff-shaped Trix and scoff at the whippersnapper who said the cereal’s turn toward roundness was a major childhood trauma.

Ha! Trauma? I’ll give you trauma, kid. You weren’t around when New Coke and Crystal Pepsi hit the shelves, and you may not even remember when Mountain Dew came only in that boring Mountain Dew flavor.

Heck, when I was a kid, Cheerios really only came in two flavors. In fact, Honey Nut Cheerios were pretty new and I could never convince my parents to let me get them, even though we had Frosted Flakes and Trix (the puff kind) on a regular basis.

Later Apple Cinnamon Cheerios came out, quickly followed by MultiGrain Cheerios, Frosted Cheerios, Millenios (shaped like little 2000s) and Berry Burst Cheerios. Now when I’m in a store purchasing Cheerios, I have to actually read the box before I can tell which ones are just normal, plain Cheerios.

As far as Trix go, now that I know they’ve gone back to puffs instead of those newfangled fruit shapes, maybe I’ll give them another try.

Then again, maybe I shouldn’t.

Trix are for kids, not crotchety old ladies who remember when they were round… I mean fruit-shaped… I mean round again.

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  1. Jeff

    You didn’t mention the Cheerios that try to be Froot Loops. I miss the sugar coated Alphabets cereal. They took those away a couple of years ago and reintroduced them so they are mostly like plain cheerios. I don’t eat much cereal anymore, but I was annoyed when the Trix changed into fruit shapes too. I suppose I should go buy some now.

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