Babysitter-Stalking Psychos And Other Objects Of Interest

I’m finding myself a little short on time tonight, so I’ll just share a few neat links I’ve found.

For example, this blog shows how horror photographer Joshua Hoffine composes his photos, including how he does fake blood and how he managed to suspend a girl from the ceiling in order to create a photo of Liz Bathory’s famous spa treatment. It’s absolutely fascinating if you’re interested in photography. There’s a slight amount of gore, but obviously it’s fake.

Most of you probably already know this, but Dr. Sanjay Gupta went to Afghanistan and all he got was this crappy H1N1 flu. A medical professional’s personal description of what it really feels like to have H1N1, Gupta’s excellent writing gives us all a look at where we’ll probably be in the middle of cold/flu season, whether we get H1N1, the regular flu or some other ghastly creeping crud.

Nigerian scams have been around for a long time, but I had no idea they were around in Middle Earth too.

An ad warns American girls not to trust people they meet online, because they could be Chthulhu in disguise. This honestly never occurred to me.

Ken Burns (you know, the really famous guy that dropped by Luverne when he made that World War II documentary a few years ago) has a new documentary about National Parks. Looks gorgeous.

Who said nerds didn’t like to do normal things like socialize and go to camp? Although it never occurred to me there’d be such a thing as Dungeons and Dragons camp. … of course, looks like it was a boys’ camp. Le sigh.

William Safire died recently, and he was a very famous speechwriter. This speech, however, you never heard: it is the speech that Nixon would have given if Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were stranded on the moon to die.

Here’s a Flash… I can’t really call it a game, per se, but basically, it divides dots into four whenever you mouse over them. Go ahead and try it; it’s worth about 3 minutes of amusement, maybe 10 if you have a normal attention span.

And finally, here’s a diatribe against Apple products that pretty much sums up my feelings (although not nearly as vehement as this writer’s, mind you) about Apple. It’s not the products. It’s the scary evangelistic tone Apple-lovers take when they talk to you. They’re so painfully earnest.