Shoot Me Up

As a result of a vague feeling of guilt, I got my seasonal flu shot today.

The guilt arose from me working on a story about the flu vaccine this afternoon. If I’m going to write an article basically reminding people to get their flu shots, wash their hands and go home when they’re sick, it would seem a bit odd to not do those things myself.

So after my interview with Jason Turner, who owns GuidePoint pharmacy downtown, I stuck around long enough to, well, get stuck.

The pharmacist was a nice young woman who was very patient with my nervousness. (Shots make me nervous.) She gave me the educational spiel and the paperwork, which took about five minutes to fill out and another 5 minutes to read through. I warned the pharmacist I’m a bit of a wimp, but she said it was all right, swabbed off my arm with stinky alcohol, and gave me the shot.

As I always do, I watched the little needle go in. It’s a very small needle and it feels about like getting a pin stuck in you feels–in other words, it really doesn’t hurt very much. I’m guessing removing the bandaid from my arm will be much more painful than the actual shot.

The pharmacist was surprised I watched the process, since I’d told her I was a big weenie about shots. I said I’d rather know what’s going on than just wait and dread it. But as it turned out, it was really nothing much.

So, now that I’ve done my civic duty, I can tell you all to go and get your flu shots. Go on. It’s not so bad.

For many people, insurance covers the shot entirely so you won’t have to pay or else will be reimbursed. Sometimes it’s only partial coverage and sometimes you’ll have to pay for it yourself.

Just make sure to remember the seasonal flu vaccine won’t protect you against H1N1 Novel Influenza, AKA swine flu, AKA H1N1 Influenza A. That vaccine will come out later.