Technical Difficulties Are Evil

You probably didn’t notice, but we had some technical difficulties this weekend that prevented us from our planned live broadcast of the turkey race.

We also had technical difficulties with almost every other video production we had planned.

One camera was found to be missing its cord, so none of the footage could be taken off of it. Eventually our sysadmin figured out a workaround using a different cord, so that got fixed.

Then the DVDs of WGTN-TV3’s footage, which they kindly agreed to give us, also inexplicably didn’t work. The incomparable Randy Davis managed to sort that out today, and I’m currently rendering some parade clips for your perusal.

If all the technical difficulties had remained unfixed, we’d have been left with half a turkey race (Ruby Begonia’s half) and the KTD speaker, and that would have been it. Thanks to Davis and my sysadmin, though, who together fixed the problems, we also have the full turkey race, with a split screen so you can watch Ruby B. and Paycheck simultaneously, clips from the 10K, and clips from the parade.

I still wish we could have had the live feed work as it was planned, but three people, two computers, two routers and several very long cords, as well as the generosity of Brown’s Shoe Fit (they loaned us their internet connection), couldn’t make the darn thing work this year.

We’ll try it again next year, though, because I know a lot of people wanted to see it.

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  1. Cheeky

    Sometimes Murphy moves in and there isn’t anything we can do about it. I did see the split screen that was posted. Neat. Rather small viewing though.

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