Shoulda Learned To Play The Guitar

My fingers are slightly numb again today, after last night’s guitar lesson.

I haven’t been practicing enough, partly because 1. I wasn’t around this weekend, 2. My work schedule has been weird and 3. It hurts.

No. 3 on that list may not seem relevant, but I admit I have a hard time convincing myself to do anything that hurts, from exercising to getting a shot. Getting my left hand to make chords hurts. Once I get some calluses built up, it won’t hurt anymore, but in order to get calluses I have to practice, which hurts. See the problem?

I envy people who have willpower.

I also envy people who have no feeling in the fingertips of their left hands.

This week I might be able to do a little better, since I’ve been given some exercises that only use the right hand, which doesn’t hurt (yet; maybe it will at some point down the line). We’ll see.

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  1. Cheeky

    What? They haven’t bled yet? Once those calluses build up, it’s so much better on your fingertips and the more you practice, the more your fingers will get used to contorting. Wait till you get to Barre chords. :0)

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