Crime And Not Exactly Crime In Worthington

It’s a busy day here at the Globe, but I thought I’d take the time to regale you with some of the strange or funny incident reports, mainly from this weekend.

  • There were two different reports of a male riding a go-cart, first on the street and then at the Budget Inn, on Sunday. The reports are only about 33 minutes apart, but seem to concern two different go-cart drivers. Both were warned.
  • Back up a little bit to Aug. 31, when the Nobles County Sheriff’s Office was summoned to pick up a statue alongside the road. A statue of what? The report doesn’t say.
  • On Sept. 10, someone was driving westbound in the eastbound lane of Interstate 90. I don’t know what would be scarier, to suddenly notice that you’re driving the wrong way on a one-way street or to suddenly notice that someone else is.
  •  On Saturday, a report’s first line read: "Unsupervised kids are being loud." The second line stated: "Parents were home and kids were not loud. Advised (parent) of the complaint."

And this may be the most important ICR that didn’t make it into the paper:

  • Near the intersection of Nobles County 25 and 220th Street Saturday, people found a very friendly stray Boston terrier with a brown leather collar. If you’re missing a very friendly stray Boston terrier, please call the Nobles County Sheriff’s Office and they’ll help you find your dog.