Sandwiches Of The Non-Knuckle Variety

When I worked at a tea room, we made a lot of sandwiches, mostly of the little tiny bite-sized tea sandwich variety, but also some nice big ones. Because it was a tea room, they were usually beautifully garnished with dill, basil, thyme, rosemary or even edible flowers, arranged beautifully on the plate.

The sandwiches themselves, though, were fairly normal, and usually consisted of bread, some sort of delicious filling (such as orange-cashew chicken or tuna thyme) and some dark greens. They were delicious and we did get creative; the peanut butter, spiced nut and cinnamon bread sandwiches, I remember, were pretty tasty.

We never got crazy.

We never made sandwiches that looked like computer mice. We never made sandwiches with donuts instead of bread. We never made sandwiches shaped like Pac-man and decorated plates with raisins for him to "eat" as he blipped around the plate. We never had a heart attack just looking at the Quadruple Down, doubtless named after the quadruple bypass that would be required if one were to ever eat one of these.

We never, in short, made insanewiches.

If you like sandwiches or food, or have ever eaten, you should check out Insanewiches, a blog dedicated to finding the most insane sandwiches in the world.