Kids These Days

Kids these days just don’t know how it was for us oldsters, back in the days of websites with frames and ALL CAPS and blinking text.

Back in the days when every site took forty seven minutes to load, and if you wanted to download a song, you pretty much had to click the button, wander away to do something else for an hour, and then return to your computer and pray nothing had disrupted the download.

Back in the bad old days, when every other darn site seemed to have midis, which would burst forth from your computer’s tinny speakers in a cacophonous flood of sound and could not be stopped except by closing your browser and screaming "The power of Microsoft compels thee! The power of Microsoft compels thee!"

Back in the bad old days, when you heard this. A lot. Often. Because you got disconnected. Often.

Yes, my children! When dinosaurs roamed the earth and cell phones had no internet service, it was possible to be disconnected!

And according to Beloit College’s mindset list, kids today:

  • Have never used a card catalog to find a book.
  • Have always been able to eat blue jello.
  • Have never been amazed by migration of independent media to the computer.

These kids today, I tell ya.

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