Covering The Plane Crash And The Nobles County Fair

I was at dinner with my dad and brother last night when a plane went down at the Nobles County Airport.

The newsroom called me on my cellphone and I went out to take a picture, ending up walking from the terminal to the end of the runway in my high-heeled sandals. It was a long walk, which took me through a field of eight-inch grass (I didn’t want to walk on the runway in case there were planes) and a construction area (mud, mud, mud) and by the time I got to the crash site, I was pretty winded.

The law enforcement folks were, as always, very helpful and kind, as were the airport folks. They explained to me what appeared to have happened to the plane and pointed out the pilot, who was busy talking on his cellphone. I waited a while to talk to the pilot, but eventually I just got his name from one of the flyers, who was kind enough to spell it for me and everything.

Then it was time to go back to the terminal. I looked back at the vast expanse of space between me and it, asked if anyone was heading back to the terminal who could give me a ride, and when no one said anything, started walking.

I didn’t get more than half a block when one of the airport guys (I forget his name, unfortunately, but if anyone happens to know, please email me!) drove up in an SUV and offered to drive me back to the terminal, so that I wouldn’t have to walk all the way back in my silly shoes.

People like that are so awesome, and they make my job so much easier.

Another person who made my job easier this week is Andy Hoffman, a 4-H’er who graduated from Worthington High School this year.

Saturday night at the Nobles County Fair, Julie Buntjer and I were taking photos of all the general exhibit winners for the Globe’s fair tab. Well, okay, Julie was taking all the pictures. I was just wandering around with a clipboard trying to figure out whose pictures we hadn’t got yet.

That’s where Andy came in. Julie would call out the names of kids so fast I couldn’t quite keep up with crossing them all off, so Andy would tell me their names and make sure I had everything correct on the list.

If it hadn’t been for him, in other words, you’d probably have 17 photos with the caption of "?" in there, or maybe apologetic notes stating "Due to circumstances beyond our control (an employee who can’t turn pages fast enough, can you believe that), we have no pictures of Susie-Lou Jorkins or Benny Lee Blimppett, who won grand champion in the Things You Do With Scissors project category this year."

So three cheers for the wonderful airport man, and the wonderful 4-H student, both of whom helped me immeasurably this weekend. You guys were awesome.

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  1. ..sammy..

    I was sitting in my car, parked in the Shopko parking lot, watching this cop who had pulled over a black car outside of KFC. It was funny because when I first drove by it looked like the cop was searching the car, and the driver was standing behind it. After he took his license to go read it, he turned on his lights and sirens, and I’m not actually sure if the cop ever gave the guy his stuff back! Haha! The cop took off for the airport – as did a lot of passing sirens.

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