Things They Never Tell You About Being A Cop

Area law enforcement officials dealt with a few more funky complaints over the weekend.

I was going to write "unusual," but some of these types of things happen frequently. Thank your local police and sheriff’s office folks for dealing with the following complaints:


  • Reports a car honked and woke him up. Talked with neighbors, and they are working on it.
  • Complainant reports unregistered magazine seller was rude. (If you’re selling anything door to door, you need to get a permit or something, so reporting this incident was actually a very good move. It just sounds a bit odd.)
  • 911 call. Reports two stray dogs on his yard. Dogs gone upon officer’s arrival. (I threw this in as an example. There are a lot of dog reports of various types. I wish people took better care of their pets.)


  • Cow out on the road. Owner was contacted and is working on getting it back in.
  • Reports small ducklings in window well. Released ducklings in lake. (Yay! Kudos to the duck savior officer for going above and beyond the call of duty.)


  • Reports stray kitten by door.