Why Ask Y?

I haven’t mentioned going to the Worthington YMCA for a long time, but I do still go and swim every single weekday, unless I have an appointment over the noon hour.

Today I tried on a dress that hasn’t fit for a while, and shock! it actually fit.

I wore it to work, to the bemusement of my coworkers, one of whom wondered if I had found some wiles somewhere.

Nope! I just found a dress I didn’t have to go shopping in order to get. One of my old pairs of pants fits again, too.

And you know what the best part is?

Everyone here at the Globe has been super supportive, and everyone at the YMCA has been super supportive too. Nobody’s ever rolled their eyes at me or given any hint that they thought I would never be able to do it, no one has ever eyed me in a way that said "Yeah, right, lardbutt" and everyone smiles, waves and says something encouraging when I’m about to go to the Y.

If it weren’t for the folks at the Y and the Globe, I seriously doubt I’d have been able to stick with the swimming.

Thank you all so much!