Borrow A Child For Fun At The Fair!

You need a child to properly enjoy the fair.

I learned this by going to the Jackson County Fair with a 4-year-old boy who was interested in, and wanted to touch, everything.

The first animals to catch his interest were white ducks clustered together in a nice, roomy cage. They were standing straight up, with necks outstretched, and a few of them were waggling their little feathery behinds.

This prompted the kid to waggle his little behind, too.

With a kid, everything at the fair takes on a whole new meaning.

A little feather left by a turkey or chicken suddenly became an object of great interest, as he picked it up from the ground. He speculated as to the feather’s origin, and when the breeze whipped it out of his hand, he gave chase.

He didn’t want to pet the llamas, although I did, whereupon he gravely informed me that the llama might spit on me. I explained that llamas usually only spit when they’re angry or upset, and noted that Dakota, the llama in question, liked people and was gener-ally pretty friendly.

The kid viewed this with some skepticism, and when Dakota tried to lick my face, he was absolutely certain the llama was about to spit in my eye.

The boy did want to pet the sheep, but the sheep weren’t sure they wanted to be petted. The kid moved a little fast for them, and as far as I’ve ever been able to tell, sheep are easily startled. Most of them backed away, although eventually he did find one that didn’t seem to mind tiny, fast-moving people with grabby, albeit very careful, hands.

He took me around to the rabbits, and examined each one carefully. I warned him that unlike the llama, which I’d met last year and knew to be friendly, the rabbits can and occasionally do bite. He and I both kept our fingers out of the cage, but admired the various types of bunnies, from the giant, menacing ones to the tiny fluffballs.

I asked him what kind of animals he’d take to the fair, and he said he wasn’t sure.

I’m guessing he won’t go with llamas.

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  1. Kari

    They are the rabbits that could have trampled Tokyo, man. Seriously.

    And some of them look like they would cheerfully have bitten off a finger. Possibly a hand.

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