Shoes Glorious Shoes! And Toys!

Yesterday they blocked off the street and threw a Crazy Days sale type thing downtown.

The streets seem to be back to normal today, but I believe a lot of the businesses are still having fabulous sales. The shoes above are from Center Sports, and the shoes below are from Brown’s Shoe Fit.

But there were also toys from L’il Wizards, making me wish I had a kid in my family, which would give me an excuse to buy toys.

And possibly the most fun toy ever, for kids but possibly not for parents who just want some quiet.

And lots of apparel from Main Street Kids, and other neat stuff from Poise’n’Ivy and the other gift and craft shops down on that end of the road. There was too much there to take pictures of everything, and it’s apparently all indoors again today.

It’s a lot of work to move things in and out like that, so I hope they sold a lot yesterday. Be sure to stop by downtown and check out the shops!

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