Surviving The Family

I went to my family reunion this weekend and I’d like to provide a brief report of the major events.

  • I didn’t strangle any of them.
  • They didn’t strangle me. (This is the larger accomplishment, in my opinion.)
  • My children’s sermon went well, but the family appears to be between generations just now, since there were only 4 kids at church. However, this meant that all four kids received a toy sheep. I’ve always been of the opinion that children’s sermons should always have something to take home or else, eat. Possibly both, although children being somewhat sticky, probably either edible or take-home-able is best.
  • I played Secret of Mana, a beloved SNES game, on the way to and from the reunion, with my brother. This was one of the few games we could play together as kids without attempting to murder (or at least maim) each other, since it was the only game we had that was cooperative rather than competitive. Sure, there were a few slugs on the arm when I inadvertantly let him die or when I couldn’t keep up with him on the screen, but it was a relatively peaceful thing. Warm nostalgia there.
  • I am just a girl who can’t say no. I agreed to be on the Family Reunion Committee. I have two distinct opinions about this, one of which is that I’m extremely smart for agreeing to this, and the other of which is that I’m a complete idiot for agreeing to this. I don’t feel these opinions are contradictory.
  • My cousin’s beau asked her to marry him in front of the entire extended (and extended, and extended, and extended…) family. She said yes. My mom got weepy and I clapped until my hands ached. No word on the date, yet, but that’s 1/15 first cousins (including me and my brother) married and another 3/15 engaged.
  • It was chilly. No one went swimming at the state park where we had the picnic, but at the same time, no one had to marinate in sunscreen and the church on Sunday was pleasantly cool instead of sweltering hot.

And that was my weekend. I spent much of yesterday recovering in a cool, dark, quiet place, and also went to the coffee shop so the sudden lack of bustle wouldn’t be too much of a shock.

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  1. Adam Cuerden

    “No word on the date, yet, but that’s 1/15 first cousins (including me and my brother) married”

    …Eww. Incestuous marriages are never good!

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