Why You Should Never Give Muppets Coffee

If you feed a mogwai after midnight, it becomes a gremlin, but if you give a muppet coffee at any time, apparently it becomes a psychotic violent coffee-crazed lunatic.

Jim Henson‘s ads for coffee company Wilkins feature pre-muppets Wilkins and Wontkins and they feature a fairly repetitive pattern. Wilkins asks Wontkins if he likes Wilkins coffee, Wontkins replies in the negative and Wilkins does something violent, unpleasant and generally hilarious to Wontkins.

The commercials were only 7 to 10 seconds long, so they had to be fast and snappy, and because they were only puppets, they could get shot, beaten, blown up with a cannon, run over… apparently 1957-61 were not good years to be a muppet, unless you really liked instant coffee.

The commercials hold up very well today, if you don’t mind cartoon-style violence. Have a look!

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  1. Justine

    I can think of a variety of reasons NOT to give a muppet coffee, but one more convincing reason to feed them the java – muppet dancing!

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