Worthington In The News

Time for a big, big news roundup, although some of it is more than a week old. Sorry. The holiday threw me off a bit.

Minnesota Public Radio published a short notice about the massive grant the Worthington airport got. I think our story is quite a bit more complete.

MinnPost linked Julie Buntjer’s story on about the high cost of feed and its negative impact on hog and dairy farmers. MinnPost also mentioned Worthington (very fleetingly) in a more general story about the economy.

Here’s a story about the Wind Energy Services Co. from an Iowa paper. I’m not sure what’s going on here, since it states the grand opening of the WES facility near here will be in May. May 2009. Or maybe I misread that.

The Minnesota Independent linked (and briefly commented on) our story about the City of Worthington eating 40% of the costs of the state’s LGA (Local Government Aid) unallotment.

And finally, here’s our Entenza mention of the day. Any time he’s in a story, it’s generally noted that he’s from Worthington.