Buzzing Off

Tuesday was an eventful day, in a thoroughly mundane sense. There was a wasp in my kitchen. Naturally, I am afraid of wasps.

And my death-dealing, ultra-poisonous magical wasp-slaying spray?

Under the kitchen sink.

Right below the wasp.

Aided in the firm belief that the wasp was a member of the Polistes family, and thus "generally non-aggressive," I watched the wasp very carefully and knelt down to get the spray can out of the cupboard. Then I heartlessly sprayed it to death, delivering a massive amount of poison to the wasp and everything around it, also known as "my kitchen, including the kitchen sink."

I didn’t have time to do anything else before I went swimming and then to work, so I left the wasp in the sink and the spray, well, everywhere. I opened up a window to air the place out and no doubt let in 47 of the wasp’s closest buddies, and left for work.

When I got home I immediately checked the sink, gingerly moving aside several dirty dishes in case the wasp had decided to play dead, lie in wait for its murderer and sting her mercilessly.

No wasp.

"But wait!" you might say. "It must have gone down the drain!"

Not a chance. The wasp was a big, healthy specimen of its terrifying breed and no chance of getting through the drain basket in my sink.

In other words, somewhere in my apartment there is a very angry and very alive wasp.

From now on, my waspicide is going everywhere with me, because you know what they say.

Keep your friends close, and your death-inducing anti-wasp spray closer.

What do you mean, they don’t say that?

They should.

5 Responses

  1. deb

    Perhaps it’s buddies came in while you were gone (thru the open window) and carted the carcass off for a meanigful dignified burial? or not….watch your back!

  2. Kari

    … I am in such huge trouble.

    I looked again for the wasp in the sink last night and even did most of my dishes, but no wasp. No wasp at all.

  3. Logan C. Adams

    I had a similar problem last night with a moth that simply would not die. Took me what felt like forever to finally catch him. He was like the Bruce Lee of moths.

  4. Kari

    Catch? I hope you mean “kill.”

    I’m actually about as afraid of moths as I am of wasps.

    We had an infestation of moths when I was a kid and ever since then they give me a severe case of the wiggins, even though I know they can’t actually do anything to me whatsoever. Moths will have me on the other side of the room even faster than a wasp will, despite all logic.

  5. Far Side of Fifty

    Kari, You need one of those 99 cent fly several..maybe a hot pink one! 🙂

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