Holy Carp And Other Fish Tails

This story about bowhunting for carp had one of our commenters asking whether bowhunting for fish in Whiskey Ditch was legal.

Well, it depends, as you can see from this DNR release found by Beth Rickers in response to the question.

Licensed anglers and children under 16 may take rough fish by spearing, harpooning, archery and hand-held dip nets on all inland waters, except where taking fish is prohibited. All rough fish, except cisco (tullibee), may be bought and sold.

Arrows do need to be attached to the bow with a tethered line. Broadheads must have barbs for night bowfishing.

The season for spearing rough fish is from May 1 to the last Sunday in February, with night bowfishing June 1-Aug. 31 on selected water bodies.

And you can’t put dead fish back into the water or leave them on the ice or banks.

There are also possession limits on bullheads (100), suckers (50), and redhorse (50), but none on other species. Rough fish are: Carp, buffalo, sucker, redhorse, sheepshead, bowfin, burbot (eelpout), cisco (tullibee), gar, mooneye and bullhead.

Again, for specifics, please check with the DNR. The information above comes from them, but I have paraphrased some (not much) of it.