Getting Thrifty in Fulda

A new business has started up in Fulda, and it’s all about shopping smart and fun.

Jumble Thrift Shop, located on 209 North St. Paul Ave., in Fulda, has all kinds of clothes, toys, games and random other stuff for sale at very inexpensive prices.

The store is the brainchild of Karsten and Shelly Piper.

I’ll have a business story on Jumble Thrift Shop on Monday, but until then, just check out their site. They’ve got a coupon you can clip out and bring in to get 2-for-1 prices this week in honor of the Wood Duck Festival.

Karsten said he typically updates the site to show new merchandise 5-6 times a week, so keep an eye on it!

3 thoughts on “Getting Thrifty in Fulda

  1. Hi Kari, Just stopping by with an invite for you!
    Area Voices Bloggers, this is your chance to meet other bloggers. Lindenwood Park in Fargo, 6PM Tuesday evening June 23, 2009. Bring your own beverages, plates, silverware and a dish to share. Main Shelter at Lindenwood.
    I would love to meet you, I know you are far, far away..but wanted to make sure you knew you were welcome:)

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