Crazy Cat Lady in Training

"The curse is come upon me!" cried the Lady of Shalott.

-Alfred, Lord Tennyson

I received this in the mail last week from my friend Deb, in response to the post in which I was worrying about becoming a Crazy Cat Lady.

With it came a note: "Saw this and had to get it to you. Hope you can find the humor–since you fear becoming one of these."

The cat lady comes with six full-sized cats, as well as a cat around one neck and a cat in her pocket, and it also features a quiz on the back of the box intended to diagnose incipient crazy-cat-ladyhood.

Questions include:

  • Do you have more cats than ex-boyfriends?
  • Can you tell your cats apart by the roughness of their tongues?
  • Have you ever had to explain to a police officer that the stuff in the bag really is catnip?

If I ever get that far gone, I hope someone will stop me.

The box also includes a quote from Garrison Keillor: "Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a purpose."

At least the cats in the box are plastic, although they may or may not be simultaneously dead and alive, like some other famous cats.

2 thoughts on “Crazy Cat Lady in Training

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  2. I am a crazy cat lady. Started rescuing cats when I was 7. I trap ferals to get them neutered and release them again. I tame feral kittens and re-home them. I work closely with the SPCA and other organisations and am involved with a lot of rescue work. I don’t back down if cats or any animal for that matter is in danger. I feed 600 ferals on the streets, have 54 cats at home and assisting 5 underprivileged families with cat and dog food. I am truly a crazy cat lady and proud of it.

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