Ammonia Leak And Other News

If you missed the Globe’s coverage of the ammonia leak at JBS yesterday, it’s here: Ammonia leak leads to partial evacuation, and the Associated Press story is Worthington ammonia leak sickens several, which by the way initially had two errors in it. We corrected them both and Julie called the AP to let them know they had gotten a name wrong and a piece of information wrong.

And here’s some behind the scenes info on how the Globe covered the ammonia leak.

And now, here’s a roundup on the ammonia leak news from Google alerts and the other local news sources:

From KSFY, Worthington ammonia leak tests response plan.

From Keloland, JBS Swift And Co. Ammonia Leak Contained.

From KWOA, Ammonia leak at JBS Swift Plant.

And some other news dealing with local issues and local events:

From MinnPost, Republican legislator lauded for reducing cuts to disabled.

From Agri News, Nobles Cooperative Electric wins two national awards, MMPA, Extension sponsoring dairy tour on June 16-17, Nobles County Breakfast on Farm is June 2.

From Changing Aging, Ecumen’s Meadows of Worthington Figures Out How Many People Can Fit in a Stretch Limousine.

And from Pheasants Forever, Commentary From Scott Rall on new MN Outdoor Amendment’s treatment at the Capital.