Ammonia Leak Causes Hectic Day

We had a hectic day in the newsroom, starting at about 10:15 or 10:20 a.m. when an ammonia leak was reported at JBS (formerly known as Swift and Co.).

Our photographer, Brian Korthals, came in early to try and get some photos. I posted updates as quickly as I could, sometimes every 5-10 minutes, as new information came over the scanner.

Of course I have to be careful about scanner information, because it’s not confirmed and the situation on the ground can appear as one thing and later people will find out it’s something else. I made sure to include the word "reportedly" in some of the information so that people would know the situation was still developing.

But I stayed at my desk writing sentence-long updates the rest of the morning and put up a press release from the police after my lunch break. Then Julie had the complete story up in the afternoon.

And tomorrow we’ll have added material from the hospital and some other extras.

Sadly, I got nowhere with video, and I got entertainingly stuck in the Swift parking lot when a train came in.

Fortunately, everything else turned out well.

4 Responses

  1. shiny

    I do!

    Of course, the best thing was that no one was killed and the emergency response teams were awesome.

  2. Adam Cuerden

    Agreed. This ituation could have been a lot nastier, but wasn’t, so the coolness of getting to report on it wins out.

  3. shiny

    I couldn’t believe how organized all the responders were. They were great.

    Everyone was reporting back to the call center, no one seemed confused or bewildered and events that occurred were dealt with as they occurred, quickly.

    They all worked together, they were super organized and they made good decisions. I’d say a major kudos was due to everyone involved.

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