Shindig At The Dayton House

The proprietress of Marcy Gifts, Marcy Costello (see Beth Rickers’ awesome story), is having an open house at the Historic Dayton House today. Since the Dayton House is only a block or so away from the Globe, I moseyed down there after lunch today and checked out some of the shinies.

Marcy has all kinds of cool stuff from Peru. The jewelry is simply gorgeous, and though there’s a wide variety of styles, the most common type seems to be very simple, very elegant earrings and bracelets with clean, sweeping lines and delicate shapes.

The specialty of the house is silver, naturally, since Costello herself comes from a long line of silver crafters in Peru.

If you’re not into jewelry, though, there’s still plenty there, including alpaca sweaters, alpaca teddy bears, alpaca hats and alpaca scarves, shawls and cloaks. It’s sooooo soft to the touch, even I had to pick up one of the teddy bears and give it a hug. 

And I’m not usually big on stuffed animals.

There are also some impressively bright woven baskets of many sizes and shapes, perfect for summer picnics and summer place settings. They came in bright blues, bright oranges, bright reds and even a more staid brown for us boring people.

The baskets would be a great place to put hamburger buns when you grill, or, in another size, great for keeping your napkins from blowing away on the shores of ultra-windy, picturesque Lake Okabena.

There are belts, hand-crafted, but I don’t know how. Sorry, I’m just not that artistic. The meticulous embroidery on the coin purses obviously took forever to painstakingly apply, in the shapes of leaping fish, gliding birds and stylized owls.

Now I know what you’re thinking. (Really. I’m psychic. Okay, psycho. Same diff.)

You’re thinking "Man, that’s so girly! I’m a guy, I wouldn’t be caught dead looking at such girly things."

Not so! Note the gender-neutral alpaca hats above, and the gender-neutral gray scarves!

Also, note the date on the calendar. You forgot about Mother’s Day, didn’t you, you ungrateful son you!

Fortunately there’s plenty there for any mom, whether they’re the practical "buy me something I can use" type or the "I want pretties" type.

Finally, Marcy Costello herself is there. When I was there around 1:30 p.m., she was serving delicious samples of some sort of Peruvian spiced chicken, served over boiled potatoes. Yum.

And there was also some sort of Peruvian drink, which I didn’t ask about but probably should have. It tasted fruity and oddly, spicy. I suspect it contained anise, which is almost always a good thing in  my opinion.

I could have asked Marcy, but I was immediately distracted by something shinier at the next table, and I have the short-term memory of a goldfish. She’s quite happy to answer anyone’s questions, too.

Drop by the Dayton House before 6 p.m. today if you’re interested in seeing any of Marcy’s products. If you’re not in the area, though, take a look at the Marcy Gifts website.