Hindu Philosophy And Bad Bad Words

Here are a few more lists, for the list-obssessed (like me). The title of the post comes from the time when I was studying Hindu philosophy in college and was appalled to learn how much of it consisted of lists. Five ways to do this, four meanings of that, however many positions of yoga… lots to memorize there for a test! But here are a few more benign lists, no memorization required.

First, a list of words it is not okay to ever say.

This is not my list; if I had a list it would begin with the word "commentators," which is not a word, because the word is "commenters." There are plenty of stupid words on the list, though, starting with webinar (which I do use, but wish there were a better word for).

Second, a list of ways to be cool. Seriously. Someone wrote these out, from "wearing a leather jacket" to "learning to play the guitar" to "wear cologne" and "mowhawk." (sic)

My list would be very short: "Stop trying to be cool."

And here are a few literary lists you might like, both of which revolve around second novels. Some of the second novels are spectacular and do better than the author’s first novels (like Pride and Prejudice). And then there is the list of "Cursed" second novels, of which I have read exactly none.

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