Literary One-Hit Wonders

As I noted before, I can’t resist a list.

And being a big book geek, I absolutely could not resist this list of literary one-hit wonders, especially since I’ve read a few of them. Anna Sewell‘s Black Beauty, for example, a classic children’s book about the life of a horse.

Like so many young girls, I went through a horse phase and a cat phase, in which I passionately adored horses and cats. We didn’t live on a farm, so obviously I never got a horse, and my mom is allergic to cats, so clearly a kitty was totally out of the question. My horse and cat phases pretty much consisted of me reading everything about horses I could get my hands on, so of course I read Black Beauty.

Why was it a one-hit wonder? Well, Sewell died five months after Black Beauty was published.

There are, however, some sequels/prequels written by other people, some of which I felt were quite good. I haven’t read them for a long time, however, so I can’t testify as to their greatness; I liked quite a few things when I was 12 that make me cringe now. (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, for starters. And that’s one I’m willing to admit to in public…)

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  1. elias

    Hi Kari,
    I stumbled on your blog from a Google search of “Oh, look… better people.” Random, I know. Don’t ask.

    Anyway, I’ve been reading through your past posts, laughing away the morning–and discovering I missed National Panic Day! Yikes!

    You’re an exceptional writer. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and entertaining us passersby on the Web.


  2. Kari

    Glad to see you stop by! I’m still technically on vacation, so posts are a bit slim right now, but stick around, I’ll be back full-time pretty soon.

    … wait, you missed National Panic Day? OH NO!!!!!!

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