Links: Weird And Wacky Wildlife

You know those pesky Canada geese that like to wander around your yard, pooping and scaring the heck out of small children? They were on the verge of extinction at one point. Since then, they’ve become almost prevalent enough that we wish they had disappeared… but not quite.

Here’s a weird critter I’d never heard of before it popped up on the news: a sea squirt. Freaky weird little animals; here’s the wikipedia link if you want to know more.

How did scorpions evolve those tails? Here’s a proto-scorpion that may provide a missing link.

And finally, the funniest animal news of the day: a bat who wanted to go to space. And almost did, by clinging to the side of the space shuttle. Everyone assumed the bat would just fly away when the shuttle lifted off, but it didn’t. So somewhere out there, is a very intrepid and probably slightly confused bat.