Games And The Economic Crisis

Layoff is the most depressing game I’ve ever played.

It’s pretty much a Bejeweled clone, meaning you switch the little employees around to make them disappear. But when you do, they don’t disappear, they just move to the bottom of the screen where they wander around the unemployment line. A "score" shows up on the righthand side stating how much money you’ve "saved" through cuts, with a big red button saying "Bank Bailout" that shuffles all the employees around but doesn’t really accomplish anything.

Best of all, when you do particularly well, your little employees can be replaced by a white collar businessman in a suit. This businessman cannot be laid off or gotten rid of, so you just get more and more of them as you continue to play the game.

After 5 minutes of playing this game, I think I need a hug and a stiff drink. … of course, it’s only 3 in the afternoon and I don’t go around hugging my coworkers unless something dire has happened, so I guess I’m out of luck!